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Flexible. Accessible. Integrated.
The Morningstar separate account database supports a range of Morningstar solutions investors and advisors use when making investment decisions. Many of these products contain comprehensive data about other types of investments, such as stocks, mutual funds, and hedge funds to facilitate comparisons and provide an integrated representation of a portfolio.
You’ll find Morningstar separate account data in the following products:
Morningstar Direct This Web-based institutional research platform supports advanced analysis of investment data. It provides the most timely, robust access to Morningstar's entire global research database. Morningstar Direct delivers robust peer and style analysis, performance evaluation, and advanced graphing and reporting capabilities.
Separate Account Database
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Morningstar® EnCorr® - This software platform offers the tools to research, create, analyze, and implement optimal asset allocation strategies. An innovative solution for conducting advanced statistical and graphical analyses, EnCorr helps build portfolios designed to generate robust returns at varying risk levels.
Separate Account Database
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Morningstar® Licensed Data - With Morningstar Licensed Data, firms can license a data feed to use information from Morningstar's proprietary Separate Account Database. Data feeds support a range of applications, such as conducting competitive analysis, developing new products, and creating investor-friendly communication materials.
Separate Account Database
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Morningstar®Principia® - Modular CD-ROM- or DVD-based investment software offers comprehensive coverage and planning tools with monthly updates for independent financial planners and investment advisors. Use the modules individually or link them together to form an integrated research and presentation system.
Separate Account Database
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Morningstar® Advisor Workstation - This Web-based investment planning platform for financial planners and advisors features in-depth research delivered in real time, client reports, and portfolio management, goal-based planning, and asset allocation tools. Institutions can offer their affiliated advisors the customized Enterprise Edition, while Office Edition is designed for independent advisors.
Separate Account Database
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Morningstar® Investment Profiles® - This one-page report assembles essential facts about an investment. Available in print or online, Investment Profiles serve as an effective investor communication tool and are customizable to include specialized disclosure as well as a company's logo and colors.
Separate Account Database
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